Thursday, July 21, 2005

Todays Trades

Thursdays Trades - been a strange day today - first the chinese unpegging and then the games in london.

One trade taken as a hilda scalp became closed at +101! the last one on the sheet is still open as we speak and i might close it before the end of the day but it is strictly a a longer term one (few hours) - guess i shouldnt be trading really in days of turmoil like this but the signals are there so ya gotta take em

over 200 for the day anyway and a couple of those were losers first thing

have a good evening all and ill catch you tomorrow, hopefully in a calmer more reasoned mood :)

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Doug said...

Hey Soul, Tried to comment on your last post but it disappeared. I agree with you whole heartily, extremist Muslims and Christians are causing most of the turmoil in the world right now. Extreme anything never seems to be good. On a brighter note congrats on Hilda. I learned most of my best setups by reading your posts and listening to you and bbmac on Paltalk before it became a closed room. Funny thing though I didn’t start to trade well until I stopped reading the chat on Moneytec and you guys went private on Paltalk, sink or swim I guess. Good luck with the seminar, I would like to go so I could meet all of you and learn some more, I feel like I owe you guys a few beers for all the stuff I’ve learned already, cut the learning curve greatly I’m sure. Can’t go though just bought a new home, lots to do before the closing, hopefully you’ll have another one. Great blog. Ciao Doug