Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Morning all.

Here's some news on the seminar idea then.

After talks i can confirm that we WILL be hosting a Train the Trader seminar in the United Kingdom.

The seminar will consist of two days solid training and trading followed up by three days interactive training via the paltalk internet VOIP system

Details of speakers and agenda have not been set yet - however i can reveal that we have secured the services of one of the UK's leading psychological trainers who will be concentrating on the most important part of the trading process - your mind!

The seminar will also be used to launch the Hilda Baker System of trading by me and i shall also be covering many other subjects including how far to let profits run - intelligent stop placement and how to make sure your trading system is constantly improving.

The infamous BBmac will be hosting a full session of live trading in addition to presenting a scalping system that commands a 92% accuracy rating.

We are currently in talks with two other presenters who you will know as excellent traders but i cant reveal that until decisions have been made.

The seminar's aim is to give as much added value as possible without the usual rubbish that these seminars usually produce and as such invitations are only open to traders with at least 12 months experience.

Our view is that those below that level can learn the basics and fundamentals from written material available all over the internet.

We are looking for those traders that feel they have reached a plateau that they are finding very difficult to pass. You are probarbly trading every day but feel that you are not making headway at all. You are committed to trading for a living but just cannot seem to make that extra movement that takes you into consistently profitable trading.

Details of location, price, date and final agenda are sketchy at the moment however the seminar will be strictly limited to 15-20 places to ensure that each attendee gets what they need from the course.

If you wish to register an interest please drop me an email to
seminar@simpleforexsystems.com - when details are confirmed invitations will be sent out on a strictly first come first served basis

ps - im long cable from 1.7631 so far today on a hilda trade


trader said...

"We are looking for those traders that feel they have reached a plateau that they are finding very difficult to pass."

I perfectly fit the bill but I don't think I can afford it at this point whatever the price maybe. I am going down in my life looking for a bottom hoping to find it soon. But I am not giving up on Trading.
Anyway nice blog. Appreciate it. Keep it up and it could be inspiration for people like me.
You are a very dynamic guy and your story is commendable.
English is not my first language so hope I expressed myself.

duckfu said...

Anyone who might be on the fence about this I HIGHLY recommend attending. It will most likely be the best money you've spent in a long long time.