Monday, July 11, 2005


sorry for the lack of input in the last half of last week - things went a bit haywire here.

Todays trades are as follows
Grail +107 pips
Hilda +115 pips

2 trades total so nice day

Got a booking for the bbc to be filmed for some programthis coming saturday (not trading related - just soul stuff) and also got lots of other work pop up so didnt have much chance to trade last half of last week.

anyway - this week might be a bit hit and miss too but ill try my best to keep posting.

Any work i do on trading this week will be hilda related - going to try and get this down now and done.

you might be interested to know that i may decide to launch hilda at a seminar in the uk - if it comes off it may be a two day one complete with other stuff including a bbmac trading session, psychology stuff from the country's foremost NLP expert and more - will be central uk if it comes off and will be limited to 15 people.

weve been talking and quite a few of us have attended many trading seminars that have given very little value - we thought it was time that that was changed. Imagine a seminar that really adds value for real traders by real traders and you should get a bit excited.

It aint fully decided yet if we are going to do it but keep your eyes peeled for news here.


Anonymous said...

Seminar sounds good, but 15 people ?? Not really a seminar so much as a meeting...

duckfu said...

Which I could be there, but its a long swim ;)

Big Pippin said...

Can you give us an update on the Hilda Baker system? Very interested to know more about it.

interestingstuff said...
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Soultrader said...

we might fly you over yet duckfu - based on your performance as a trader i think maybe we will for any second date we do