Friday, August 26, 2005

looong weekend :)

ok, time for some fun then, On Monday it's bank holiday in the UK which also happens to co-incide with our 22nd wedding anniversary tomorrow.

We are having a long weekend of fun and frolics :)

cant post up yesterdays trades cos for some reason bloggerbot is down. needless to say tho we had some good entries.

I wont be back on board until Tuesday at the earliest and chances are that the day will be manic with my other business so dont expect much from me on Tuesday. back in full force on Wednesday though :)

Have a great weekend ..... we will :)))


duckfu said...

congrats mate!

we just had our 2nd not long ago, looking forward to the next 20 years ;)

mj--- said...

FYI, since Friday, your diary hasn't loaded on Internet Explorer, though it works with Firefox.

mj--- said...

works on IE now