Wednesday, August 31, 2005


sorry for the lack of posts folks - been megabusy here and had a new tv delivered yesterday.

ill try and get the sheet updated for the month but ive had all on getting the new trade setup ready for the hilda group.

before you ask, no, its not changing just that ive identified a new trade setup for the 1 min chart that makes taking pips like shooting fish in a barrel.

im currently over 300 pips up on the day, 140 of which have been taken with this method. Needless to say im a happy chappie :)


Scottiep said...


Do you have advice on how I can get started forex trading with 5K? Do you manage accounts? If not, who do you recommend is good to make good forex trading decisions to build my capital?


Scottiep said...

Has anybody else here purchased Glyn's forex trading course? If so, is it solid and learnable to make good money applying what is learned?

Have 5K to work with and I want to start working for myself everyday!!!