Thursday, September 01, 2005

hard to log

Hi folks,

Im very sorry for the lack of trade reporting at the moment - the new advanced setup ive introduced on hilda makes it very difficult for me to track them as there is so many. Ill work on it and see if i can get it logged again.

Today has again been terriffic though with multiple entries into this 300+ moving day - hope you made plenty

Ive actually made over 300 pips again as set and forget came in with over 220 - the other hundred or so was made with hilda but i missed so many signals today - just as a trade setup presented itself i had a delivery - this happened about 4 times!!!

bit pissed off that i didnt take more with hilda today as there were hundreds on the table

Looking good this week though at over 700 pips in my bank - i dont think my personal record is at risk yet though. Those from the forums may remember last december when i racked up 1870 pips in a single week all trades called in real time. Phew! that was a week to remember eh darkstone??

catch you soon all :)


Anonymous said...

Anybody here with any experience after purchasing the online ebook with 70 pages of information?

Am looking at going into forex live after havinga demo on Oanda for over 9 months now and up over 65K P/L so I want to follow the right path of info. so to speak.

Soultrader said...

sounds like you dont need any book to me if youve done that well on a demo account