Saturday, September 03, 2005

August results

August was a horrible month wasnt it for any traders.

Hilda did do ok though with 690 logged pips - the results do not include trades made from 25th august as i had so much work on i just didnt get the time to log them.

win / loss ratio remained 70-80% though so im pleased with that.


Anonymous said...


With the amount of PIPS you made in August, how much money is in your account to make that much?

I have 5K to start with. Can I make those types of returns after I buy your Hilda system and use that or do I need to put more into my account to do that?

Also, how much is your Hilda system in US dollars?

Soultrader said...

my own reccomendation is that when confident with the system to trade you trade 1$ per pip (1 x 10k lot) for each $1000 in your account.

if you were playing by that ratio then your profits wouldve been around $4500 for the month with a 5k account.

that is using 10:1 leverage which for some might be steep but as i said - 'when confident'