Monday, August 08, 2005

Monday aug 8th

Its been a tough day for hilda today - the initial move up wasnt signalled and on the usual timeframes we did not get a re-entry into the trend. There were in fact 4 possible entry points into the trend on the one minute chart however we were all busy looking for other trades on other pairs to see them on cable!!

Then we entered into a short of AUD at 66 only for it to turn into a paint watching excercise which we eventually closed for 4 pips (not listed above - only cable trades).

The cable entry above quoted at 14:45 MT4 time was one of our reversal signals which played out and we closed that and reversed in favor of a 15 min long signal setup that was stopped out for -15

final call was a 1 min scalping strat again on cable which turned out to be the last of the day.

overall not the most impressive day for the hilda system but then after the initial rise was missed then it's not that suprising.

Never mind - always more trades around the corner. Tke care and look forward to speaking tomorrow :)


herewego said...

Just found this site, really good, thanks for taking the time.
Are the trading times in BST, or GMT?
Where can I find more info about your hilda. ( do you have a picture, ha,ha)

Soultrader said...

thanks for the comments - im in the uk but to save confusion all times listed ate metatrader time which i believe is GMT+2

if you want to have a chat about hilda just see the site and drop me an email :)