Sunday, August 07, 2005

office layout

Well, heres the bnew office layout for your entertainment including usb fan to keep me cool on those hairy trades :) (click pic to enlarge)

The furniture is getting on a bit now - about 3 years old but hey, if its comfortable and productive then what the heck :)

all setup and running now anyway so should be a good attendance week for me in the market :)


spahiu said...

nice elctronic clock, and nicer setup :)
all screens are on the same system?

duckfu said...

I thought for sure you'd have a huge picture of Hilda Baker that stretched across all three of your new screens ;p

have to admit, I felt a slight tinge of jealously when I first saw it, very nice mate.

Michael said...

Beautiful! I'm on the verge of adding a third monitor to my desktop PC. WHat kind of video card(s) are you using?

Soultrader said...

the electronic clock is pants - the analogue onbe much better - both are radio clocks

middle 3 screens are on the shuttle and the outer 2 are on the old pc system - both have a program called synergy running which means that once booted i can use just one keyboard and mouse between them seamlessly - angie introduced me to synergy and its brill.

Video card is a matrox millenium triple output card on the shuttle and an old double output on the pc.

Duckfu - dont be, it's a buggar to take to the beach!!

graemenash said...

Oooooh thats nice :) How did you set synergy up to know the outer screens are from a different PC to the inner ones?

jwu said...

awesome setup!!! is that a shuttle xpc?

Soultrader said...

yes, its a shuttle xpc.

graham - took a bit of work - the outer screens are actually backwards on the old pc - ie on the right hand screen you go further right to get to the left screen - then i simply told synergy that the pc named 'office' was on the right AND the left and told office synergy that the pc called 'triple' was on the right and left also - therefore i can mouse track all the way across left to right in a continuous loop.

really cool eh :)

also installed a good UPS and suprised that 3 monitors, the shuttle and the router only uses 45% of the available power from the ups.

Scorpion D said...

Is that an ashtray I see in the corner - tut tut !

Soultrader said...

yep - 20 cigs a day keeps me calm on the hairy trades :)

duckfu said...

well, I guess that's one way to keep yourself out of the hairy trades - put your own health on the line!

naughty naughty ;)