Thursday, August 04, 2005

Thursday Trades

Ok, hope you've had a fair day today.

Been a really strange day hasn't it and im not saying we haven't had to work hard for these pips.

Hilda identified these trades today on cable alone and the figures are straight system trades. The first trade I personally closed out at +11 although if I had fully followed the system it would've made 26. Various reasons including the interest rate decision among others clouded my vision of the system and as usual I should've just followed her.

Then as the market was poorly we decided to take some 1 min scalps - 1 won and 1 lost.

other pairs have also done well today with brad capturing 100+ on EJ and CAD but if I was to report every trade opportunity it would take me ages just to log them.

All in all a good days trading for a personal +61 pips on the day on cable and a small loss of -12 on usd/jpy - never traded that before but it was a valid signal - cant win em all though eh?

Hope you had a good day too and pipped some into the bank.

Tomorrow my new PC comes - got to the point where my aging PC needs replacing so decided to buy a proper trading station - the price is really right too. - this might stunt my trading somewhat tomorrow as ill be getting it set up etc

If you're on the lookout in the UK (or anywhere for that matter) I cant recommend this fellow enough - here's the link to take a gander - and yes before you ask - the price does include the shuttle PC to run it too :) - and no, I don't get a cut if you buy one :)

Maybe in a day or so I will be able to join graham and duckfu in the latest craze of office photo's

have a great night and take care


Damian said...

Soultrader --

Just wondering if you could comment on which other bloggers use the Hilda system - I'm definitely interested in reading more from people trading using the system.

thanks in advance,


spahiu said...

what are the system spec u opted for...?

Soultrader said...

they dont have blogs mate as far as im aware.

spahiu, i had the athalon 3500+ 64 bit with trip stand and 19" monitors. 1gb ram and a 160gb sata drive.

really fast and amazingly quiet too :)

catch you soon