Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wednesday Blues

been out since 11 this morning on some personal business and only took one trade.

i closed the one from last night for a healthy priofit though and lost some on that first 15 min trade.

from what i see the market is awaiting the nfp on friday with this dark cloud over us and the trades shown are the hilda's ive visually seen on cable .

Cad did give some opportunities today tho and by far the best hilda was on the one hour cable chart at 6am uk time this morning - was fast asleep so didnt see it. well done sam for spotting that one but we were all getting some zzz's

its a great shame that the first training week for some has been this one. things will pick up after nfp tho we just need to be more selective in the run up to it.

Gonna be trading live with the guys all day tomorrow and seeing what we can eek out of the market.

till tomorrow byeee

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