Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tuesday - loss at last!!

well, a loss at last lol. Not been a good day today 2 trades for -13 and one open on hilda - the official trade is the last one in the log - i took it early and really wish i hadnt cos i couldve maybe found some other trades whilst that one was sat there.

still, its open and there for the night - will be checking it as we go.

had our first training session today and everyone seems happy with it - time to see some results for them now though.

take care y'all and good night.


Anonymous said...

Hello there.. I want to order the system, but I really would like to know if I will be able to generete the same results trading the the 2 UK wave and the US session (GMT 10:00 - 17:00 GMT) ? You see, I live in the US and I ca't wake up @ 3:00AM my time!!!

Thank you!

Soultrader said...

hi leon - you can make pips trading those hours but obviously you wont get the same results that i do cos i trade longer hours than that.

Youll find all the serious players in the US are bleary eyed and do indeed get up at 3am - many even earlier :)

Soultrader said...

just to let you know that was not zuma - checked with him

Big Pippin said...

It's getting ridiculous how people keep bashing. Yes, everyone has a right to there opinion, but for crying out loud...let the man do what he wants! If people choose to buy his system, then LET THEM. You are not being a hero or a "Robin Hood" if you think you are "saving" traders by bashing Soul. Anyways, that's my rant.