Tuesday, September 06, 2005

better day today :)


Kunal said...

Hi I would like to see your official track record like it is shown for : http://tradingforaliving-assess.blogspot.com/


Please email me on kunal99999@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

You say that all user's are happy. but I hear that one has gone and wants money back, so what is true?

Soultrader said...

There are no fully trained users that have left the program so i cant see how thats possible

LotasPips said...

I'm not sure I get the last comment. You could say that no-one is a 'fully trained user' and therefore you'll never have any of those leave.
Can you please confirm that you provide a money-back guarantee if this Hilda System doesn't work out for a customer ?

Soultrader said...

for someone to be classed as fully trained they have taken both the basic and advanced training modules and spent around a month with the system with us in the hilda room.

and no, i no longer offer a guarantee as the system is proven with people that have already bought making money.

The system makes money but i cant be held responsible if someone cant press the button to take the trades or trades against the rules. and i wont offer a guarantee whilst there are some people around that email their mates to have a collective fundraiser so they can share it between themselves and rip off the system. (not that im saying you are one of them)

its like this - put the effort in and youll get results out. if you want something for free then dont buy it and go the forum route - youll find lots of good info on them.

Im sorry if this sounds hard, its really not meant to be but the above scenario actually happened where one guy got several mates to chip in for it and then more or less immediately asked for a refund without any effort to go through the program.

hopefully most people can understand this.