Thursday, September 08, 2005

Wednesday and Thursday

last 2 days - one minute day today

yesterday was kinda crap wasnt it - very erratic.

most of the day today ive traded swissy taking 32 pips this morning and a few 1 min scalps later - those listed above are the cable trades as usual.

been a very erratic day - we are at a turning point on the weekly chart and hilda suggests that we may be in for some downside for the next few weeks. I hate to predict these things as invariably it will now skyrocket, but hilda long term says we are having some downside to cable.

if theres one thing to stop that though its the after effects of Katrina so time will tell, however i am of the belief that the fundamentals only act when the technicals allow - fundies can push the market so far but as most people and institutions out there are trading technicals sense soon comes out of the mayhem - todays drop after hours might be the first sign.

Hope you had a good day today and that you managed to bank some pips


Qr-du-Pell said...

Hi, Soul
What exactly time zone do you refer to when listing your trades?
I just can't figure it out for some time.
It's not GMT, for sure.

dreads99 said...

why dont you get one of your customer show an account summary print out from thier dealer showing these trades. thay can block out thier ac# and name. By you just listing all these winning trades is not valid. If it makes the results you post every day i will buy the said it make 700-900 pips per month aprox.

Soultrader said...

qr - its metatrader time (alpari) which i think is gmt+2

dreads - why would they do it? they have no incentive to post their trades, besides that anything posted would be slagged off as 'rigged' which lets face it would be easy to do so whats the point?