Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Site Launch

Good early session today with some crystal clear signals as shown above.

Interesting to note that one guy who's only had the system a few days took over 140 pips before lunch today trading the three major dollar pairs at the same time - cable euro and swissy - well done John and welcome to the crew.

Ok, yesterday i told you about the new blog im launching and today ive put it together. Its not to sell anything and is just for our own reference.

have a read of it here

till tomorrow then :)


ryszka said...

will your 'grail' trades be on one particular pair only ?

Soultrader said...

answered on the grail blog :)

Dae said...

Hi, Soultrader.

I was amazed by your article
"The learning cycle for a newbie trader" in moneytec.

What can I say...
very appreciate and admire you.