Monday, September 26, 2005

New Week

last 2 days signals of last week - sorry for the dealy just was too busy.

lets recap on my prediction last week (he says smugly )

i said on tuesday that cable would go for 1.7990 (actual 1.7960) then up to 1.8150 (actual 1.8148) then down to new lows (made new lows)

all of those 'predictions' or guesses were based on the longer term hilda charts.

I'd like to say i could get it right twice on the trot but the longer term charts arent as clear this week - ill take a stab though.

the 4 hour suggests a possible retrace to 1.7910 ish by tomorrow although the daily and weekly still look strong for downside so new lows should follow any lift. Possible lows of the week 1.7350 - highs 1.8120.

cant be any more precise than that this week im afraid so time will tell.

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