Monday, September 26, 2005

bored? ... read on

well what a crappy boring day today - even the 1 min is out of action.

so been having some fun looking around for games to play - this is brilliant!! - ca you keep the drunk on his way home?


CK said...

Hi Souldtrader,
discussion is hot about hilda on trade2win.
Is it true that the system is basically: + J_TPO indicator???

Soultrader said...

no it isnt mate, looks interesting tho but moving average crosses are more than often poor systems

CK said...

well, it's not a MA cross system.
Instead it's a nice trend following system. Have a look, it works quiet well if you use the CCI for trend and the JURIK for getting the entries.

ps: funny game link ;-)

Soultrader said...

then why bother with the moving averages?

agree though - all wheels within wheels at the end of the day