Saturday, September 17, 2005

tough day

very tough day friday with not a sniff of a trade in the early session.

the first news did nothing and the second at 2pm gave the move for the day with fair entries. The hilda signals are above but i went out for lunch and left a trade running with a profit target - it closed for +54

last weeks prediction of a good fall came off for 300 pips and the weekly still says more downside. However the daily is showing a likely upmove for the first part of the week before downside resumes to new lows either mid / late in the week or early the week after - time will tell. Look for lows of the week being between 1.7880 to 1.7720 with the highs between 8190 and 8315

looking at a monthly chart then the story turns around with upside to new highs in october / november. Maybe ill do a monthly review at the end of september.

for now thats it, have a great weekend

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