Thursday, September 15, 2005


Tuesday was a hospital visit so no very little cable trading for me. Yesterday was fair and today gave a great 5 min trade from this morning with the 4 hour stopping the fall this afternoon.

I didnt personally get the best price on that 5 min signal listed above but one of the users got in on it so i posted it as one trade for the log.

I actually went short at 8192 early on , i then closed that one for 10 pips due to a delivery at the door, reopened at 8128 short on a signal and closed at 00 for 28 pips - total for the day 38 pips - damn deliveries!! but dont like to leave a trade running when distracted and coupled with a halt in the movement at a pivot point i decided to close it.

hope youve done well today - of all the dollar pairs it was cables day to shine.

catch you soon.

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