Monday, December 19, 2005

Back in action

Ok, back in action today for the holiday week :)
Was diagnosed with diabetes so shit happens and ill now deal with it.  There is an upside - I get free prescriptions now and I can also raid the diabetic chocolates at Thornton's (make ya crap a lot though :)
Thanks for the comments and birthday wishes anyway - much appreciated.
This week ill be taking it steady with trading - mainly looking for the longer timeframe trades on the run up to xmas. I like Christmas and I'm starting to get into the mood now so will be doing things around the house and the longer trades facilitates this.
Last night I went short cable @ 1.7684 with a stop at 1.7755 this is a 4 hour slo trade - looking for 1.7555 and a possible bounce point there.  The trade might last longer than a day or two as the daily is setting up for a slo north BUT it may keep on going as this sets up to the weekly 200sma.
time will tell.
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