Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Happy birthday to meee

Happy Birthday to meeee
Happy birthday to meeeee
Happy birthday dear soulieeeeee
Happy birthday to meeee
Yep, that time of the year again and another year older - 42 now!
Ive had a wonderful birthday present - turns out i might be diabetic - having been ill of late i went to the doctors yesterday - ive been on steroids for a week and antibiotics for one thing and another and my vision went a bit blurry - Ive got a 42" plasma and i was watching the snooker and couldnt read the names of the players across the bottom!
Anyway, the nurse gave a slightly weird look and asked for a sample which i duly gave - there was sugar in it.
this morning on my birthday i had to go for a blood test and i should have the results by Thursday so ill let you know when i do.
Im starting to recover now from this virus so it will soon be time to start blogging again.
Trading wise ive had a fair 2 weeks but i just have not had the energy to deal with emails, blogs etc i should start back on the blog on Monday i think - still cant be arsed at this point. 
catch you all soon :)
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Eagle said...

Get well and not too much birthday cake!

spahiu said...

congrats mate.... on the birthday i

johnfxtrader said...

congrats Soulie!

Just got your blog referred to by a colleague who advised me to look into forex trading.

So exactly how mad are you? ;)
Will dive into all your old posts and report back later! John FX out-

chrislee said...

Happy birthday ST.

I just found out a few months back that i'm diabetic.

I only had very mild symptoms and probably wouldn't have thought anything about it but my brother's diabetic so I thought i'd best get checked out.

I bet there are millions out there world wide that are diabetic and don't know it......yet.

What ever happened to your television appearence? never heard anymore about it. Have you been on?

Regards Chris