Saturday, January 21, 2006


sorry foks, just didnt have chance to update the blog this week.

Thought you'd like to know i found a rather strange thing this week - a room in paltalk is making calls from a robot - really weird thing is that the trades seems to be spot on.

Unlike myself this isnt trend trading but countertrend, the levels the robot takes trades are often spot on to the pip.

its called lucys forex room if you want to check it out, and appearently she has no intention of charging for it in the future and just calls it an 'experiment' so i guess you shouldnt be suprised if she just ditches it one day out f the blue - interesting all the same.

another site i came across was this one from turtle trader

sme very good info there and enough to keep your reading eyes happy for a day or so over the weekend.

hope you all had a good trading week :)

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