Thursday, March 30, 2006


Well, what a difference a day makes.  and im so glad i added last night :)
Time for some money takes then - lets see whats on offer
Tonights action:
  • gbpusd - closing last nights position at 1.7465 +139 pips - first position left open still negative
  • audjpy stop moved to 82.51
  • usdcad stop moved to 1.1769
  • gbpchf stop moved to 2.2849
  • chfjpy stop moved to 89.20
  • cadjpy stop moved to 100.10
  • usdchf stop moved to 1.3136
New Orders: all are 'if seen'
  • short euraud 1.6911  stop 1.7122
  • audcad long @ 0.8327 stop 0.8195
wanted to put in an order long on audcad and long on nzdjpy and audchf but my broker does not support them
eurchf is close to stopout as i write
have fun - might all go tits up again tomorrow lol :) but at least im in profit tonight!!
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