Wednesday, March 29, 2006

painful arrghhh

well, its certainly painful at the moment.
todays action:
amazingly none of the trades have stopped out yet but there is some significant pain
I have added to the gbpusd position at 1.7326 with the stop at the same level as the first position, in the words of hannibal lecter's nemesis 'seemed like a good idea at the time'
also added to usdjpy short @ 117.75 stop same as first position
I should really close the cable position and the gbpjpy position as the signals are conflicting at the mo, but in for a penny in for a pound ... (famous last words) so im going to assess the situation tomorrow night if the trades are still open.
closed eurcad 141.01 -16 pips
new orders - come on then!!! lets have some proper pain!!!
long chfjpy 90.26 if seen stop 88.70
eurcad long @ 1.4149 if seen stop 1.3990
audjpy long @ 83.47 if seen stop 81.90
gbpchf short @ 2.2684 if seen stop 2.2905
stop moves
cadjpy stop moved to 99.34
gbpjpy stops on both positions moved to 202.90
usdjpy stop moved to 118.40
everything else remains as is, till tomorrow, good trading to you :)
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