Thursday, April 13, 2006

scratch that

all orders scratched - all trades closed for a 70 pip loss overall
too much happening to trade so ill make a fresh start after easter
have a good one :)
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Chris said...

Could you give us readers some insight to your chart set-up? My charts don't give me as many trade set-ups as yours seem to. I've only been following your blog for a short time so maybe I missed your mechanical trade system. My system was successful last week for 1,725 pips.

Soultrader said...

Hi chris - im guessing that you count pips differently to the way most of us do - ie, are you one of those who say that 10 pips on 5 contracts is 50 pips?

because 1750 pips is a phenomenal amount for a week and you need no help from anyone.

if however its 175 pips and 10 contracts then thats a different thing but still a good result

to me a pip is a pip wether its 1 contract or 100

my system isnt available for open publishing chris - its for sale at - called the hilda system

at the moment ive been experimenting with variations - they seem to work out well but i have not had much discipline with my own account at the moment due to other trading commitments for clients.

Chris said...

Yes I'm one of those who believe a PIP is a$10 US Bucks) Yes I normally trade a handfull(5 contracts) I've never been instructed by a professional Forex Trader so I'm not sure of all the Lingo. What I have done is apply my charting ability to a new market with some success. I am thankful for your response. You are very fortunate to live in a time zone where you can sleep until noon and still catch the best trades. I have to still yet work my regular job then on about 6 hours sleep get up on the big news days to catch the move. Thank God the FOMC reports monetary policy at 1:15 local time.

Ducky said...

Soul Trader, I don't see your email address anywhere. I added your blog link to my site. Can you add my site to your list of blogs.

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