Wednesday, April 12, 2006


sorry for the lack of contact, afraid it might get more and more.
anyway, i have taken some other trades just have not had the time to post them, and as im not one for posting retrospectively ill leave them off the record.
closed urusd break even
tonight im putting in the following orders
gbpjpy short @206.95 if seen stop at 207.48 not looking for massive profits on there - will be careful at 206.65 and 206.28 from there we will see
also taking a small trade long usdchf immediately @ 1.2993 stop 1.2940 target 1.3042
another small position long @1.3940 if seen on eurcad stop 1.3790
short gbpchf @2.2690 if seen stop 2.2790
eurgbp long @ 0.6926 if seen stop  0.6895
short audusd immediately 0.7320 stop 0.7340
hope most of these will close tomorrow for easter
catch ya later
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