Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Afraid this test is again a bit bolloxed - found a bug in the code so i will have to start again next monday - here's what happened anyway and it lost money :(

we'll start again on Monday I think.


here's a new feature of the website - every now and again I'll set you a moral dilemma and it's up to you to answer in the comments bit at the bottom of this message.

So, here's the first.

Sammy and Rebecca are 6 and 7 year old kids. Their mum and dad are a bit hard up this christmas however all their friends are saying that because they have been good that santa is bringing them a playstation and a plasma tv.

They think that they have been good too so they are telling you, mum and dad, that Santa will be bringing them the same.

They are so excited by this but there is no way in this world that you can afford such extravagant gifts - so what do you do:

1. Wait till Christmas day and tell them Santa's sleigh broke down just after he delievered their mates's presents and so he had to come around by foot and all he could carry for you was this plastic bucket?

2. Tell them their friends are misguided and that Santa does not exist and they will have to make do with a bag of nuts and a blood orange?

3. Buy them the playstation and Plasma going into massive debt

4. consider buying the gifts and going into debt but instead getting the money and blowing it all on a long cable position and thinking 'fuck the kids'

5. something else (answers required)

Have fun :)


Joza said...

4...i have no kids (forn now)...but long cable position till xmas can buy plasma, playstation and 2 kids(if you ask madonna)

Jonkris said...

Serious answer is No2. If kids are given false expectations at an early age, it only gets worse as they get older.
No so serious (maybe) answer is 5. Teach them that Christmas is a religious festival that has been taken over by business for it's own ends. Explain to them the real story of Christmas, take them to a Christmas Day service. After that, take them home and play some games with them (not only on Christmas Day)and they won't miss the electronic goodies.

Phil said...

I'm in the US so the only possible answer is 3, buy the stuff and go into debt.

But more seriously, my six year old knows Santa is not real and that the stuff under the tree came from the labor of real people she knows. I would tell her we can't afford the plasma TV and they will have to share an Xbox 360 ($100 at Amazon right now). Two person games are more fun anyway.

Joza said...

i hope you are long cable...just hold that position 2 more weeks..then buy presents for your kids...

but...don´t tell them that presents are from santa...
show them what you did to buy those presents ..that is good lesson ;)

Joza said...

it is sundays evening...and usd is losing strenght...big time..
short usd anyone?or is it just me?

Jay said...

Fielded this question before... with my kids I explained to them that Santa often has only a limited amount of resources to give presents to children and that's why usually very expensive gifts will only come from Mom and Dad, but that sometimes when there's a special need he sometimes is able to especially bestow the unusually expensive gift (ie Playstation and Plasma TV). Also a great time to launch into a life lesson about how much more important it is to give, and what a blessing it is to us when we do it. Best wishes!