Monday, November 27, 2006

sorry and all that

Sorry and all that - I thought i could but i just cannot be arsed to keep up with the blog .

I did try honest but I guess i'll keep on trying.

The experiment is still running and i'm gettinjg into it now. the statement of current positions below shows how it's going - there have been a few closes which lost and some which won so on closed positions i'm about flat - slightly negative.

Ive blanked out the gbp trade cos its a secret - the audusd ones are crappy firebird which i just cant seem to drop yet and the EJ trade is another expert - the rest - the euro, chf, etc are all a different system ive been trying on a 4 hour chart - so far so good. - quite a while since i saw numbers like that :)

Oh, my moral dilemma - I took the long cable, shoved the kids in an orphanage with a bag of nuts and a blood orange :)

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