Friday, November 03, 2006

NFP Blues!

What a wank day and a wank week! Bloody NFP always makes for a shit week.

Anyway - got asked a question in the chat thingy. Bill asked me about the effect of midterm elections in the usa on the euro and the dollar as a whole - here's my answer.

I don't trade or have any interest in News bill. I aim to make all my trading as mechanical as it possibly can be and a mechanical system does not know when news is out, does not know if it is good news or bad etc.

So as far as the market goes i really dont know what will happen and don't care.

As far as personal thoughts. I don't like bush and think he is the most dangerous man in the world. I think a bad result for bush would result in a positive expectation for the rest of the world.

as for what it would do for the dollar i couldnt care less as long as i'm in the move, up or down :)

With all due respect Bill, you have the dumbest asshole of a president of all time. I love America and most of it's people but, like the majority of the UK, I hate Bush and the neo cons.

Now then - let me tell you all where I am in trading at the mo.

I still have a breakout on EUR/USD with points at 2810 for longs and 2733 for shorts - thats been there a day now so hopefully nfp will take it one way or whatever.

I have a breakout on USDCHF 2477 long and 2441 short - this has been in a day too and i made a boo boo - when i placed the break i had it on a 15 min instead of my usual 30 or above - so i have 2 chf trades live - one long and one short - the grid is still in place tho as you can see from the screenshot below

my third is audusd -7773 for longs and 7704 for shorts - again in for a day and 1 trade short triggered. lets see where it goes, if i get chance after nfp i'll update, if not then tomorrow or monday.


zykem said...

Hi the picture is too small to be readable.

Soultrader said...

yes, unfortunately it was hours ago and i cannot redo it

i'll bear that in mind in the future