Saturday, May 03, 2008

Delta 7 Gains 21% for April!

The Delta 7 managed account has produced superb results for April 2008 continuing the account highs for another month.

March losses were smashed and a great gain on top - this often happens after losing months.

Expected shocks in the banking sector did not happen and as such we had smoother runs without opposing forces changing direction and shaking us out of trades.

The average gain of managed accounts this month under Delta 7 was 21% This would show as a gain of $21,000 on a standard 100k account. This gain is based on conservative leverage of just 3:1 which is within most clients comfort zone.

For 2008 the returns so far are 30.5 % gross compounded one of the best available in the forex sector

Delta 7 is still available as an investment vehicle which is operated under a personal POA document and tended to individually. This means that the program can be tailored to suit your level of risk/reward comfort level.

For full information on the program or if you have specific questions then just contact me.


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