Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hi all

Hi everyone.

Seen a few questions around so thought i'd chat.

No, I have not blown my account however i did have a hard time for the last few months - heck if leahmans can die then what chance do we have eh?

I lost some accounts too (clients) but i did expect that and am sad that it happened.

Life goes on though I've pulled back in October creating a large gain but i'm not going to start harping on and telling you how much because it's pointless and no-one would believe it anyway.

Im now trading daily charts on longer term trades and have done very well. Im in several positions at the mo but won't tell you what they are as they are already running.

I will however from now on for a while post any new trades i take for your entertainment so keep an eye on the blog if you want a laugh.

I'm now in another business also completely removed from trading and that is taking up a lot of my time so daily charts are really the only way i can go.

I could never do them before because i was sat here all day and i'd just fiddle with trades. Now i'm not here i just take em at night around 11pm or in the morning around 7am and dont see them until the next check, they win or lose.

Anyway, time will tell as i'll report em here as we go on. Might be a while though because i'm in five trades as we stand.

catch you soon.

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