Wednesday, December 03, 2008


eurjpy closed at +130 on stop

new trade made yesterday but losing so i guess it's alright to post

short eurchf @1.5325 stop at 1.5450

That's it - market still skittish, not that interested at present

Closed Results +2694 Pips since Oct 23rd 2008.


D said...

Hey Soultrader. Been reading your blog lately, just curious on how you trade? TA, fundamentals, system? Would also like to know what you think about this Amero rumour :)



Soultrader said...

kinda TA but i just follow price, for example i look for the trend and then for a low risk entry point. if there is a downtrend and then price retraces then just hangs i''l look to get in on low risk - a lot fail but a few win, they make the money for the fails.

simple really, just follow price but give it plenty of room

amero isnt a rumour and it will happen - central banks want to control the world and they already do. one giant conspiracy imo