Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thurs 4 dec 08

No change to existing trades, looks like cad is starting to move but i dont expect fast moves on this, might be in a week or so

got a funny feeling about usdchf - take a look at the monthly chart, it's actually a bearish pair overall on a retrace - interested to see if she breaks down so in anticipation im putting in an order at 1.7770 for short with an expiry next weekend.

there are a few more trades i'd like to take, however the market just doesnt 'look right' to me at the moment - i cant really find anything apart from nzdusd short that looks low risk and I just dont like looking at nzdusd at the mo.

so that'll do for now.

if you're thinking about shorting the pound then remember - sell the rumour buy the fact - i have a feeling this will be the play today and if i was around i'd buy cable just before noon with a tight stop - they are all expoecting another big drop - personally i dont think it will happen so a possible news fact trade there.

then again what the fuck do i know - just follow the money and you can't go wrong!

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Soultrader said...

just for info - usdchf short was 1.1770 and not 1.7770 - typo