Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time Marches On (Lanie Hill)

eurcad closed on stop at BE, took +52 on eurgbp

Results for March 2009 +609 pips on closed trades

Results so far for 2009 +942 pips on closed trades.

results live on this blog since Oct 23 2008 +4873 on closed trades


I'm sorry folks, but the recent tosser attack has forced me to question my motives for posting here again and since then i've taken trades without posting here on time because i've lost the motivation to. Ive had another eurgbp trade today and havent posted it which is long by the way from 9312 sl now at 9332.

It's just been one more attack from one more tosser wannabe jealous trader.

Over the years i've had lots of them. In the past they kept to the forums and attacked me there, and now theyre coming to the blog - I even get emails from the wankers.

I understand how hard it is to get a foothold in this business so i've given them lots of slack. But I now find that I just can't be bothered even with this blog anymore.

I have nothing to prove anymore. I'm still here after 7 years and i do what i do and do it as well as i'm able. the proof is in these pages which document much of my trading career.

I will continue to trade my way and make my money. But i'm going to take a holiday from the blog and for how long I have no idea. I may never return or i could just be away a short while.

I just can't find a reason to post here anymore nor a motivation. Through the years i've trained a lot of people and very few of them are left around who trade. I do have some close friends who are still in the game but they, like me don't bother with the internet thing anymore either.

The whole reason i started the longer swing game was because i've taken up a new challenge which consumes my days and i very much enjoy that. My long days of screen staring are over and they did pay off but I no longer want to do that, I have better things in my life now which actually make a difference in the world.

Keep checking back if you like, at this moment I feel like just deleting the whole thing but then i guess it can stand here as some lessons to a select few who can read between the lines.

I hope that some of you make it in trading and make some serious money.

As a closing bit of advice i'd suggest that you don't study too hard - indicators really are bollocks, systems don't work for long enough to matter and risk management is all there is left.

If you win then it's luck, there is no skill in this game - it's how your capitalise on that luck that matters - get on the horse and dont get off till it's stopped running you way. but only get on the horse when it's close enough to the start so that you know when it's running the other way.

basically short stops, long profits and newtons law - a body in motion tends to remain in motion until acted upon by an opposing force. Go with the flow.

Stay Lucky.

Bye for now.

Soultrader 26 March 2009


FX said...

I just wish to say one thing. Deleting whole thing isn't good idea even you feel doing it. I say that from position that blogs like yours documenting now 5 years journey are inspiration to starting traders. I remember that few years ago when I wasn't trading at all but was on demo that I found your blog. It was so interesting that I read through all posts from beginning. You don't get anything with deleting and some others may lose. Let it be win win situation even if you don't post anymore.

And fools around us we just can't do a thing about them. They were always here and always will be. Enough punishment for them is that they are stupid as they are and got to live like that.

Anyway, thanks for your work here so far.

fluty said...

As one of those that Soul has trained & who is still around - I'd like to say thanks to a guy who has been an inspiration! I do quite nicely these days thanks to you Soul. I feel privileged to have been here with you for such a length of time. I've had the same problem with detractors in my (previous) career as a classical musician - I've been at the top, just like Soul. All those who think they can do better but really can't - they just like to try & pull you down because they're jealous. Ugly people with nothing better to do...
Thanks Soul, once again, for all the help, ideas & encouragement.


Mark said...

I check here now and again and hope you don't delete your blog. Your closing advice is real words of wisdom which gave me another slap on the head about what I'm doing. You see so many traders trying to create their perfect entry systems from a bunch of indicators and its a futile waste of time.

Shahrizal said...

yes, like me just starting read ur blog very useful..

Rob said...

I'm new to your blog, but i want to say thanks for the work you put in, even if you don't continue. For every obnoxious tosser out there , there are likely to be several people you never hear from that nonetheless benefit from and appreciate your work.

Anonymous said...

That's a great post, I like how you put info over there, I wanna to use some of those helpful tips in my Forex and Stock Quotes Website , thanks a lot for sharing that with us.

John said...

I think that the greatest thing any profitable trader can contribute is proof that it is possible to be successful at trading. Even if you choose not to continue, I appreciate all you have done and I think that your work is something rare, a true account of what you are doing as a trader.

Most of the blogs out there are just about selling the latest trading robot, but as a fellow forex trading blogger, I respect anyone that is willing to share the trials and tribulations of this business.

I wouldn't let the haters get you down. They aren't worth your time. I just push delete and forget about it. To let them get to you would mean that you actually value their opinion.

Hope you are doing well!


advance said...

people like me have always been inspired by someone or the other.I remember that few years ago when I wasn't trading at all but was on demo that I found your blog. It was so interesting that I read through all posts from beginning. that was inspiring.

forex said...

i must say this is ultimate work for Forex you have done.