Friday, April 19, 2013

The Secret Is Out! 

My new book "The Holy Grail Trading System' tells a story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things on the currency markets. 

During 2005 I and a group of very talented traders devised and traded a 100% mechanical trading system with the aim of producing 1 million pounds from a starting bank of £10000. Inside 13 months it produced over 1000% in returns.

That story has now been published as a book on Kindle and is soon to be released as a paperback

The book has everything in it. The full system, the full trading log, The money management and the highs and lows that came with terrific return.

If you are a systems trader in Forex or any other technically studied market then this book is a 'must buy' for you

Read the inside story about this amazing journey today just click here to get your hands on it

The Holy Grail Trading System
By James Windsor

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